Decorative curtain rail refers to a curtain rail with luxury and design. You can choose according to the atmosphere and interior of the room. There are singles and doubles here, and in recent years there are also plus functionality. Also, there are things that can be ordered according to size.

Tension rail

It is a type that puts a pole between the wall and the wall and curtains it without hooking it. If it is above, basically it must be attached to the wall with a nail or the like, and the wall will be scratched. However, if it is a tension rail it is possible to install it without scratching the wall. Instead, it is weak to strong forces, and it may be left out when opening and closing, so it is not suitable for places with too wide width or frequent opening and closing. The pole and curtain clip is handled uniformly even 100 yen, so it is easy to have various color patterns. With the best curtains in Singapore you can have the essential options for the proper house decorations.

Also, have you ever felt it troublesome to hook each rail to the curtain when you attach it? If it is a tension rail, just pass it through the pole directly without hooking, so there is no hassle to pass through the hook.

  • Measure and check the size
  • After selecting the curtain rail, let’s measure the size.
  • Let’s measure the height.
  • The height also changes slightly depending on the kind of the window.

If you drink a lot of boobs and milk and a lot of yellow or greenish leeks are out, it is often safe, first of all. Be careful when white incense comes out! Please come and see the hospital at once. The reason why that incurs are yellow is that bilirubin is excreted along with the incontinence. So, in the case of a white incandescing, bilirubin does not go out properly.

If the baby is yellowish, when a little anxious, each about 10 minutes with a break and hydration, sunlight Please give a bath. Upon exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet light decomposes bilirubin. It is highly effective if you warm your room and let the sun light hit as much as possible as much as possible. Please be careful not to let the baby get too hot, especially in the summer, not to be a long time.

When breastfeeding, is jaundice going to be prolonged? How long will jaundice last?

After 2 or 3 days of birth, the baby’s skin may become yellowish. This is called “neonatal jaundice”, and it is a symptom that occurs in most babies. Usually it will be in one to two weeks, so do not worry. With the good at  jaundice home treatment you will have the best option.

Still breastfeeding, there are cases where this jaundice is prolonged. This is called “breast milk jaundice”.How long will this “breast milk jaundice” last? And what kind of case is it necessary to go to the hospital? We summarized the relationship between breast milk and jaundice.