Although decorating an interior, like any creative activity, implies an unconventional approach, there are certain rules, however, observing which the results will be more harmonious. Perhaps, in the recommendations below, you will find interesting and useful information for yourself.

The Perfect Support of the best Objects:

Small objects should not be placed high and surrounded by a large amount of free space, they will be perceived as “visual noise”. But on the table or shelves they will look appropriate and stylish. If there are plans for placing photographs in the interior, they should be framed in frames that are made in the same style, not necessarily the same, but related to emphasize the style and still be framed, not an accent. Figurines, frames, vases and other decor for the interior you can buy in our store “Decor of today”. You will need the A One Interior Decorator for these works.

  • Designer interior items presented in our online store are really unique things that are designed by professional designers, are made of materials of the best quality and will be relevant for several decades.
  • Designer interior items, presented on our showcases, exist in a huge assortment of colors, shapes and styles. It will not be difficult to find in the catalog any product by color or style, also our specialists will consult you on all questions if necessary. Vases, statuettes, photo frames, wall sculptures – these and other designer interior items can emphasize the interior and make it unique, and give any mood.

Interior decor can be bought for yourself and as a gift, it is important to know unless the preferences of the person to whom you want to make a gift. Interior – one way or another – to show the inner world of the owner of the house, and it is important that any object fits perfectly into his world view and creates a positive attitude.


Any, even minimalistic interior, will be more lively and individual, if you add to it an interesting vase, one or more statuettes, photos in stylish frames and other decor for the interior. We can buy the highest quality decor in our store, in the «Decor of today» store.

You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices, service and convenience of delivery. Also, our specialists are always ready to help you with advice on choosing interior items based on style, preferences and budget. With us it is convenient and profitable.

Famous proverb “for the taste and color of comrades is not” is not so fair when it comes to repairs: it turns out that many owners are rearranging the apartment according to similar criteria.

According to the results of the survey on the website, more than 55% of Russians prefer classic curtains to repair other window design options. Yes, the fashion for textile curtains on the windows of Russians in the blood and, it seems, forever.