If you have a small balcony, a generous terrace or a veranda house, you can be lucky. In the summer, when pleasant temperatures make us want to spend as much time out, these spaces can become your main relaxing destination. As with the interior, the furniture and decorations you choose for your exterior can transform your patio into a place that makes them envious even to the owners of the most sophisticated venues. For the good outdoor decking company in Singapore also you will have the floors available.

Or, if they are not chosen correctly, according to the space, the preferences or the style of the house, it can turn it into a corner that you will avoid all summer, instead of making the most of it. And when it comes to choosing the items on the terrace, it is good to consider another aspect: to what point is your terrace or balcony oriented. This is because the amount of light that the outer space will receive daily will be different depending on the orientation.

Find out below which are the advantages of a terrace facing south, east, north or west and what furniture or decorations you should choose in each case.

Oriented South Terrace

The orientation of the terrace to the south is one of the most popular choices when you build a house or buy an apartment. That’s because, in days when there is no cloud in the sky, your terrace will be flooded by the sun, you will be able to sit at the beach and enjoy the sun as if you were on vacation, at the beach.

Advantage: The south-facing terrace is a real gift for those who are used to spending afternoons and evenings outside to enjoy the warmth of the sun that is not as strong at that time.

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  1. Use a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and water to clean the grease deposited on the cooker hob, on the kitchen counter or on the appliance. Rub the dirty surfaces with a sponge soaked in this preparation, then wipe with a dry cloth.
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